29 Jan 2018


It is amazing how we’ve become addicted to our smartphones. And as the year runs, there is a tremendous increase in the number of internet users per day, and as of writing of this paper over 3billion+ are connected to the internet through their various devices.  Finding out through our smartphones and other mobile devices have become one of the hottest learning trends. There are people that wherever they are whether in the bathroom or restroom, they are always with their phones, phones and its users are inseparable.

It is undeniable that mobile devices have become part of our survival in our society. Mobile learning has become really popular in today’s learning pedagogy and it will be widely adopted in the future for the following reasons:

Problem Solver

Mobile learning is going to solve a lot of problems faced by the education system at present and beyond. Among the problem is the inability to get quality and qualified teachers. This is one area where mobile learning can work wonders. And learners can attend classes on their smartphones. This will solve the problem of exorbitant tuition fee. It allows learning to be consumed at the point of need.

Our World Has Evolved to Be a Mobile One

People across the globe use a smartphone almost twice the pace of those who use a computer. It is no surprise that mobile learning is now gaining more popularity and other eLearning methods can be combined with it. Mobile Learning allows learning to happen anywhere and wherever with your mobile device. You can lay in bed and watch your lecturer.

Better Outcomes

Mobile learning results in better retention, reduces training time, and boosts productivity than face to face method. Better retention occurs when mobile learning is presented as a stand-alone delivery method or as part of a blended learning program.

Support for Offline Learning

It supports learning outside the classroom there are people who for one reason or the other won’t be able to complete their training or lesson module, the “I’m so busy” type can access their training materials with their smartphones whenever they are free. Lesson modules can be downloaded on mobile devices to be accessed offline anywhere and whenever without or with internet connection.

Users can start a course on one device, leave it, and later use a different type of device to pick up where they left off. For example, a user could access a course on a mobile device, sign out, and then resume the lesson later on a laptop or tablet. An employee on leave can also benefit from training because they can access the materials even while at home it is a convenient means of learning.

Because of the growth in smartphone use, 3G and 4G networks have become more available and affordable, users will continue to switch over to the mobile internet. Mobile learning providers will be able to reach more people and provide a more quality learning experience. Furthermore, the cost of smartphone devices will continue to drop, and open up markets for more smartphones users and new students who previously otherwise would not have benefitted from mobile learning. Mobile learning has already reached the poorest regions in India and Africa and this expansion will continue as smartphones and the internet become more ubiquitous.

The fact that you create a learning environment in a closer and more familiar platform will draw more learners to use.


Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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