05 Sep 2019


Everyday life has become increasingly dependent on software over the previous fifty years. Work, play, consumption, travel, communication, learning, and governance modes are mediated and enhanced through software-enabled techniques and systems. So much so that it is now almost impossible to live outside the software orbit, often in ways, that it is integrated into the very fabric of daily life that’s backgrounded and routine (even if you don’t interface directly with software, to some extent you’re shaping domains). Indeed, such has become the system dependence on code to function that the intended results can not occur when it fails.

What is the code?

Code can be understood as a set of guidelines for computer software and hardware not only in technical terms. It also has significant historical characteristics; it is integrated into organisational situations; it is influenced by contingencies of society, economy, politics and culture; and it has some authority to behave in the globe. Development code is recognized as the machine-readable language programmed for instruction in computer software in computer science and software. Whenever we’re talking about software, we’re talking about something that’s totally made up of code and organized and operationalized through algorithms — sets of steps or procedures that define how to convert a set of inputs into an output.

Here are the reasons why coding is important for young minds

In addition to offering technical skills, coding also offers skills and abilities such as critical thinking, persistence, problem-solving, mathematical inclination, skills in processing, determination, creativity, and innovation. These skills, if established early in pre-tertiary schools, will assist learners to grow better in order to be more productive in the workplace and in their future career. The introduction of coding at a previous point of the academic curriculum of students will assist in demystify information technology as an intimidating region and a male-only zone.

1) Coding is another language.

Language teaches kids how to interact with each other and teaches logical thinking. The language also reinforces verbal and written abilities.  Children should be exposed at an early age to various languages. It enables them to better comprehend the world around them. Coding has its own vocabulary.  Each letter in the alphabet is represented by a unique formula of 0’s and 1’s. These 0’s and 1’s offer instructions on how to perform to the technology around us. What better way to know why and how the technology around them works for our kids than by learning to code and talking to the technology around them.

2) Coding helps children with Math skills. 

Coding helps kids see abstract ideas, allows them to apply math to real-world circumstances and makes math fun and creative. In many of today’s STEM programs, coding is present.

3) Coding helps children become confident problem solvers. 

As they learn to code and give direction, they learn that there is no way to do anything, even if their way hasn’t worked.  They can enhance without worrying about failing what they have already accomplished. In the digital era, coding is a fundamental literacy and it is essential for children to comprehend and comprehend the technology around them.

4) Coders are in high demand

Of all fresh STEM employment, 71% are in computing, but only 8% are in computer science. Learning to code will improve the chances of a child getting a profitable STEM career, particularly in a globe where computer jobs are increasing more than twice the domestic average. Coding has become a crucial skill rapidly.

5) Coding improves creativity

You use it to express yourself when you learn a language. The same goes for software. Coding enables children not only to eat, but also to generate, digital media and technology. Instead of just playing a video game or using an app, they can imagine making their own video game or imagining what their own website or app might look like and they’re going to have the outlet to express themselves.

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