10 Jul 2019


Education should be the country’s biggest concern and a nation lacking understanding, after all, lacks authority. In order to ensure a prosperous future for the kids of our nation, in the fields of math, reading and science, we must become high achievers.

Majority of people in a number of nations are even prepared to pay greater taxes to finance extra education expenditure. Education in every family should be the top priority. In every society of a great nation, education should be the top priority and not a lip service activity. That’s the only way to break the poverty cycle and reliance on livelihood public subsidies. Discouragement goes hand in hand with ignorance. Knowledge of natural settings and how individuals in the globe live is critical to all educational purposes. All influences achievement in life, work and citizenship are critical thinking, creativity, interpersonal skills and a sense of social responsibility. Uninformed citizens who are disengaged lead to bad policy decisions that affect life, work and citizenship.

Education must be a top priority of the global agenda for policy and growth.

First, education empowers individuals and transforms life. None of us could ever imagine what without education imagines that education would be our lives and those of our kids. Education provides hope, trust and dignity to individuals. To escape poverty, it equips them with understanding and abilities. It saves life and decreases the spread of illnesses that are preventable.

Second, education promotes economic growth. Every dollar spent on quality education provides our global economy with powerful beneficial yields. With unemployment so dramatically increasing, we need to invest more than ever in appropriate education. Many job seekers lack the abilities needed by fresh employment.

Third, the basis of a more peaceful and sustainable future is education. Education is a main channel for greater mutual comprehension, tolerance and respect for each other and our planet by affecting the attitudes and behaviors of people.

Everyone requires a powerful education in today’s complicated, technological globe to remain gambling and attain financial stability. One has to be trained to compete. Gone are the days of dropping out of school and making a living. Yet we still face double-digit dropout rates in many areas of this nation that provides free instructional possibilities. Parents have a key role to play. They need to highlight the advantages and the need for excellent education. They must provide a learning-friendly atmosphere. The method begins at birth and their activities should include reading and displaying kids the pleasure of teaching. Their activities should fuel the natural inclination that we all need to know fresh stuff. Their activities should make the home a place of never-ending learning.

The unfortunate truth is that many parents don’t care and young kids are out of college because parents are too lazy to get up and dress them up. These kids go to college unfed because it’s too much effort to fix breakfast. The home atmosphere is negative and there is no incentive for excellence. There is no appreciation of the value teaching that adds to one’s lives and the opportunities that it opens up.

Global Education First’s three priorities are:

First, putting every kid in college.

Second, improving teaching quality.

Third, promoting worldwide citizenship.

All learners need a secure, productive and insightful school year, zero dropouts, parents need to be supporters and disciplinaries who insist learning in part of their child’s lives. Break the chains of poverty and deficiencies in education that tie individuals to a mediocrity life. Make a difference in a child’s life and encourage them to give higher dedication to a powerful schooling and learning.

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