22 Mar 2018


Examination stress, it’s an unavoidable part of a student’s existence that can be a tough nut to crack. Don’t forget, pressure exists for a purpose and you could decide to let or not let it be your downfall or use it to pressure yourself to enhance your work.
The difference between a pupil who lets in pressure to overwhelm them and a person who makes use of it to push them harder is what they do while they may be going through that brick wall mid-take a look at.

Students should pause, reflect and pick out a direction in order to help them conquer the challenge, no longer just look forward to the wave to engulf them.
When we are stressed, our brains release high degrees of a substance which clouds the way we assume and receives inside the manner of rational thinking. Therefore, stressing about these things is probably to result in you acting less properly on exam day than if you were definitely nonplussed
Make a sensible revision schedule. Exercise sessions how lots you need to do and the time you need to do it in, then run it down into workable chunks. Try and do some hours of revision each day, and blend up your topics so you don’t become bored.

Discover a reading style that suits you. Analyzing alone in a quiet room suits some people, but no longer absolutely everyone likes reading in a quiet place. You can play songs quietly in the background if you can handle it, or try reading with a friend.

Personalize your notes to make them extra personal. Test with color note taking, take notes you may use a different pen color to highlight important points in your note, this will make reading it easier the next time you pick your note up.

If you come upon something you do not understand, for example, big terms that might make reading boring,  try to find a new source of facts that will help you understand it. Simply memorizing it may not assist you with your exams.

Examine beyond your examination papers. It means you could familiarise yourself with the layout and form of questions you will be asked. Coaching completing exam papers within the set time restrict to improve your examination technique.

Take regular short breaks. Studying for hours and hours will most effective make you worn-out and break your concentration, which may make you even extra stressed. A break every 45 minutes or 1 hour should be taken.

Do something physical. Whilst you’re no longer revising, use your spare time to escape from your books and do something lively. Exercising is good for taking your thoughts off strains and preserving yourself, this will help you sleep higher. Praise yourself. As an instance, you could take a long bath or watch a movie as soon as you’ve completed your revision.

When you are tired, from time to time, exercise.  should be considered all through instances of high stress feels like the final aspect we need to do, but we assure you will feel better afterward (and could even have more energy to do an hour or more revision than you’ve planned.Exercising receives your blood flowing and your heart pumping – the end result is that you’ll be sort of awake inside. As a result, when you stop, you’re a great deal extra alert than you definitely were earlier.

Deliver your self that pushes to get out for a run, visit the health club or just do a short workout to your bedroom. A workout is a demonstrated pressure buster, as it releases endorphins on your brain, which are essentially happy hormones.

Take a break: this is possibly easier said than done, but try now not to give yourself a difficult time. You’re doing your best and that’s the best you can do!
Placing yourself under pressure will have a poor effect, try to sleep well, this will help exercise your brain and eat high-quality food also you need all the necessary vitamins this time. Taking coffee to keep you awake might increase your level of anxiety and make you stress yourself out.

Ask for an assistant. In case you’re feeling pressured, it’s critical to speak to a person you agree with, such as a member of your family, trainer or a friend. Plenty of people find exam stress hard to address, so do not be embarrassed to ask for assistance.




Artice by: Busayo Tomoh

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