15 May 2018


Virtual education is not similar to the kind of education available in traditional classes. The best part about this kind of education is that it allows students and parents to go through proper counseling to know what will work best for each student, based on his strength and weaknesses. Customized education can bring out the best in each student as it helps to ignite the willingness to learn. Besides, the flexibility that is allowed to students in virtual schooling is what attracts more and more parents. The reason is the fact that it facilitates students to learn and not mere learning that is forced at a particular time. It has been proved through research that students tend to learn more when it is convenient to them, rather than making studies a mere everyday fixed routine.

Virtual learning has changed the way we learn and teach. The people-oriented virtual learning shapes the way students learn, modifies the content they acquire and the way they learn to learn. In this sense, virtual learning allows for a much more natural and wholesome development among learners of key competencies
The advantages of virtual education are great in number and these are just a few of them. We must always remember one thing that the benefits of virtual education vary from person to person depending on individual needs and requirements. The huge number of students enrolling for virtual schools itself stands as a witness to the ever-increasing demand of virtual education.

Courses and programs of study provided through the Internet have brought a new dimension to virtual education and raised philosophical and practical issues unique to the method of delivery, interaction, and administration of online instruction. Advancing technologies are changing current practices in distance education and expanding its possibilities for the future.
advanced computer technologies offering opportunities for greater interactivity between teacher and student from the desktop, public and private universities are moving beyond the rural connection and looking at distance education as a more efficient and cost-effective means of education
In order to guarantee a quality education which takes into consideration the unique abilities, interests, and needs of the learners, the use of technology in education has to be in unison with modern educational theories. A worldwide dominant theoretical-methodology platform in electronic learning and teaching is constructivism with its different theoretical varieties and their practical applications. There are two main constructivist directions – cognitive and social.

I would prefer creating history rather than repeating history. Put your learner in the ancient period and show them the structures of the monuments and how the streets and corners looked like at those times! This would be one hell of a journey for a learner. Not just a journey, but there would be a lot for them to observe and learn too. Virtual space can be filled with ancient monuments, streets, and also people letting learner walk around and get a sense of the true ancient period. If I were given a chance, I would like to be in Vijayanagara Empire, for instance!

A well-maintained Virtual Learning Environment should enable students of all learning styles to receive the best possible education, in a way that they may not in an exclusively lecture-based environment which tends to be focused on auditory learners only. Although the benefits of using a Virtual Learning Environment in schools are obvious, there are plenty of sticking points to consider. As the learners themselves are all ‘Digital Natives’, the educators tend to be starting from a disadvantage as their own IT skills tend to be lacking when compared to the current IT savvy youth of today. Making any VLE as dynamic or versatile as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter is a tall order and virtually impossible for an IT specialist teacher, let alone a humble English teacher! This competition for students’ ‘screen-time’ is hardly a fair fight – one possible reason why nearly all VLEs are described by teachers as ‘clunky’, ‘too basic’ and ‘frustrating’. Students do not wax lyrical about them either – ‘outdated’, ‘boring’ and ‘a waste of time’ are the opinions of one class of Media students.

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