11 Jul 2019


EdTech is intertwined everywhere in our daily life so it opens up opportunities for more student learning when technology is used properly. By incorporating technology meaningfully and purposefully, technology education becomes not only a network of ideas meeting and sharing, but also a platform for researching, collaborating and differentiating learners and educators. A technology source that has easily accessible resources for content topic courses and STEM which is a precious resource in today’s literate technology globe.

Integration of technology provides educators methods to pace student classes depending on the level and multiple intelligence of the student. SMART programs have turned learning into a setting of digital learning as SMART is so engaging and enlightening. Effective incorporation of technology must take place at the interdisciplinary stage to deepen and enhance the learning process of the student. Technology education makes it more meaningful and enjoyable to teach and learn.

10 Reasons for Technology in education:

1.  Children like to be interactive, and technological learning has now become component of their lifestyle.

2. It’s demanded by new educators. In education as well as other professional employment, the technology movement has been introduced. Technology is regarded a need for the teaching setting for fresh educators.

3. Children understand better than most adults about technology. It has become their simplest way of learning because it is such an essential component of their lives. Engaging in technology has not only helped them learn better, but has also helped them gain multi-tasking abilities. They are hardly able to learn without it and this understanding is essential because without it, in the actual globe, they would be far behind.

4. Children are able to learn at their own speed because we understand from years of experience that children are learning at their own pace, but the traditional classroom sometimes makes it hard to do that. Children have the capacity to slow down and go back over lessons and ideas with the inclusion of technology in schooling, and more developed children can go forward. It also releases the teacher to assist children at a rate that is more one-on-one.

5. Teachers can come up with creative ways to teach the engagement of their learners. The teaching environment has been altered by technology to make learning more hands-on. Schools are diverse in income across the nation, and often children don’t always get the funds they need. Technology application in classrooms helps to close that gap.

6. Technology has the capacity to improve teacher-student interactions. Teachers develop into positions of consultant, content specialist, and coach when educators efficiently incorporate technology into subject fields. Technology helps create it more meaningful and enjoyable to teach and learn. Students can also cooperate through technological apps with their own colleagues.

7. Testing has gone online, the way to the future is to test online, but it has many benefits. Technology can be used immediately to evaluate the performance of learners. Teachers can better monitor and comprehend the understanding of the topic by learners beyond seeing test results in real-time.

8. Multitude of resources like computers, tablets, and other types of technology bring to the teacher that is not in the book various resources. Not only do they engage learners with interesting fresh characteristics and applications, they also have other methods of teaching material to learners. Every child learns differently, and this gap is also helped by technology.

9. Technology keeps engaging children. This generation’s students are regarded learners in technology. They learn to be more interactive best, and technology enables them to do that. Children often struggle to remain on assignment or interested, and they can remain focused and learn quicker with resources to assist the teacher.

10. Technology is needed to succeed beyond main and secondary education. Whether we like it or not, technology is a key idea for learning. Because it changes so fast, it’s better for kids to learn about it earlier. It’s a major component of any sector, and there’s no way around it. Technology is more than just studying fundamental computing abilities these days. Technology has become component of every aspect of today’s life, and the learners who know it are the successful ones in the company world.

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