21 Jun 2018


A lot would say ICT is a man’s world, but it is time women in technology lead the way in gender quality. We have seen women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, technology is amazing, it is awesome, but something is not right in technology and that is gender inequality. The tech industry by its very nature progressive and innovative, but when it comes to women in tech, it certainly is not. Technology is an industry that welcomes hard-working, passionate women, where they can be built, where they can learn the skills required to enter into the tech sector.

What would the world look like if there were equal numbers of men and women in the sector, if there were more tech companies led by women? It would probably change the way women are treated in society, the tech world would benefit from both work titles free of gender and diverse perspectives, it would produce better products designed and marketed to women and a better world.

According to statistics, women in ICT are also underpaid compared to their male counterparts and more women than men enroll in university, but men with lower academic marks are more likely to choose technology careers than women with higher marks. The number of women in actual tech jobs, as opposed to administrative positions, was even lower. Only 15% of tech roles at Twitter are occupied by women, the trend starts even younger, in secondary education, where women are severely underrepresented among “advanced placement” test-takers in tech fields.

Regardless of gender, becoming skilled in this industry requires spending time on task, sitting down and following step-by-step instructions to try things out, persisting in the face of errors, persevering and brushing up on math skills when necessary. This can be done either by engaging in self-directed learning or by finding a way to get tutoring, because math skills are key to women pursuing technology careers. The tech industry are very good at innovation, accelerate progress for gender equality, meanwhile, there are enough women who are very capable of being in the tech industry reason why all businesses and events are responsible for ensuring they have accurate representation, role models, mentors and a community that enable other women in the industry to flourish

How technology can build gender equality

Get women and girls involved in the global technology revolution. Technology is women’s human rights.

Change the story: Celebrate women in leadership. Women are already leading the way when it comes to scientific and technological progress, you can meet dozens of them, past and present everywhere now.

Get girls started early:  Help them use their skills and imaginations to create technology solutions to issues that matter most to them. These girls know tech and aren’t afraid to use it to build a better future.

Get everyone involved: The good news is, there are so many women and organizations already using technology as a tool to reach gender equality. Create a change on the ground, it can track disappeared women and girls who fall victim to human trafficking, use SMS-text messaging to improve maternal and child health in rural communities.

Just imagining a future where women and girls have equal access to and control over technology, you can trust that that future is closer than ever before, If we do achieve gender parity in tech, it will create more opportunities to design technology for all.


Article by: Blessing Bassey

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I hope this article will be an Eye-opener for many.