17 Apr 2018


Using technology in our daily lives is vital to our daily functioning. It is only a few number of school’s subjects, career that does not require technology to complete research, project work, or to communicate in a way or another. However, children who technology savvy have quite easier chances of attaining their education oobjectives and pursuing their choice of career.

Defining Technology Literacy
Technology literacy is defined as the ability to select and use technology. According to Wikipedia, Techno literacy is important in the classroom, where teachers are likely to be using computers and electronic whiteboards. The state of being conversant with modern technology.

Technological literates are able to:
Solve a problem, locate and use information found with the use of technology, develop skills necessary to function in the 21st century.
Skills Required for Technology Literacy

  • With technology literacy, students demonstrate skills in several areas, including:
  • They use technology to find and use accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Students use technology to demonstrate creative thinking, problem solving and knowledge construction.
  • With technology, they can also communicate and collaborate in order to enhance their learning or the learning of others.
  • Likewise, they also understand what it means to be a citizen in the digital world and practice ethical behaviour when they use technology.

Importance of Techno Literacy

Being tech savvy, helps students to function and adjust well in the world we live in, though, technology isn’t applicable just in education, however, it’s impact in this sector cannot be overlooked. With technology, school students have grown from being indecisive to awesome decision makers, they know more about their safety, health, world they live in, themselves and other career information related to their life goals. With gradual use of technology, they become expert in sourcing for relevant, trusted and usable information.

Moreover, an ability to access and use technology helps to decrease the digital divide. Without techno literacy, students will be unable to compete with others with same qualifications and skills like themselves.

Access to computers and the Internet is an integral part of everyday life. More than 96 percent of jobs are technology related, job seekers also use technology in their job hunt. This is to show the importance of ensuring that everyone has access to and the skills needed for using the Internet and computer technologies.

People from low-income communities with low levels of education tend to have the least amount of access, increasing the necessity of these skills being taught at school. Technology literacy is necessary to function and compete in today’s world. Students need to know how to effectively use technology to complete their schoolwork and find, apply for, and maintain careers.

However, technology use has to be reviewed in classrooms in order to review teacher’s capabilities and their technical know-how. Students likewise need to be evaluated to know their level of technical capability and critical thinking skills this evaluation process will help both the teacher and the student and help to challenge them to increase both content and skills.


Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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