11 Sep 2018


Everyone have a potential of becoming what he wants to be latter in life but raising a smart kid determines more work in developing that potential – the brain development which is a dynamic process does not grow automatically with age but comes from experience and the exercise the brain receives – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell stimulates the brain’s cell connections (called synapses) and create trillions more. Meanwhile, the more complex these interconnections, the smarter your kid will be.

When you provide your children with early stimulation and a wide range of experiences, you can accelerate his brain development.

Creativity is the ability to generate or make up stuff that is unique and often has practical or artistic value and it is also a way to look for new solutions to old and more importantly new problems because when your child becomes an adult in the workplace some day, he will always encounter problems that may not be solvable through the old ways, that is the more reason why this requires thinking “outside the box” to proffer better solution.

A child who is used to thinking creatively will be a success in his profession, and will be sought after by employers or better still may even employ people to work on his innovative creative project.

Children’s intellectual growth either progresses or regresses, improving or degenerating and being creative, coming up with something new in itself is a source of pleasure and some kids have unique intellectual skills that, when developed, will enable him to do astonishing feats and achievements.  If a child’s intellectual gifts are ignored, they stay undeveloped, and eventually disappear because a gifted child has more to lose than an ordinary child if the gifted child’s talents remain unused.

When a child’s abilities and talents are being used, brain growth progresses, also when they are not being used, the neural connections are lost, and brain growth regresses and a creative child may also grow up to be able to produce something very valuable in his generation, whose creativity is well-nurtured, and have other traits like grit, persistence and ability to do hard work, may grow up to be great men to be reckoned within their time.

Intelligent ones are easily identified, the ones you catch out of the corner of your eye, they make their exam without looking back or calmly flip through the few (if any) errors they made, and swiftly place their 94% into their bag

However, you can test yourself because it strengthens your brain’s connections to new material, and gives you immediate and clear feedback on whether you know something or not using working problems which is one of the best ways to turn new concepts into a working knowledge, meanwhile, a large majority of those problems that takes you hours and hours to work through, you’ll never see on an exam. But it is good you practice all the time to gain perfection.

21st century highly creative people are found to exhibit personality traits such as being intelligent, non-conformist and unconventional, and open to experience, they have strong egos, and even have a mild form of madness, also tend to have a broad range of interests.  For example, highly creative scientists are found to be highly interested and engaged in the arts. Experts believe that all people have creative abilities and all have them differently, something we all have in various degrees.  Kids for example are naturally creative but because of societal pressure, creativity can be unlearned and because of lack of stimulation, creativity can also be undeveloped.

Top students use examples and practice problems, but otherwise use Google, lecture notes, and old exams for study materials and studying in short tends to help you focus intensely sometimes because you know there is at least a short break coming which will substitute periods of intense work with rest, so that you create tons of new connections in your nervous system, and then allow adequate time to assimilate those gains.

A creative child is characteristics by creativity such as finding new ways of using things, solving a problem, sometimes intuitively and without using logic, daydreaming a lot, being independent, unconventional, has his own way of doing things, and does not care to conform with what other children do, take risks and learn from consequences, interpret his world by creating things like music, drawings and stories and makes his own improvements and variation on it.



Article by Blessing Bassey

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