14 Feb 2018


Technology has brought huge benefits to the farmers in various forms like food security and higher income generated from increased productivity. The major benefit of agricultural technology innovation is to reduce poverty, greater food availability and lower food and input prices for all, (Janvry and Sadoulet, 2002).

However, enterprises differ in their ability to recognize and exploit technological opportunities. The private sector is playing a significant role in generating and providing agricultural technologies for the farmers. The private sector has also been actively involved in agricultural research financing.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Bukar Hassan, said: “If we want the small scale farmers find its right foot place in Agriculture, we must do exactly what we are saying here; we must provide the Farmer extension services, the knowledge he will need to evolve his farming skills from subsistence to commercial farming, and I believe this technology would help us solve so many problems”.

Nigerian farmers particularly those in the Northern states have utilised the fertilizer produced scientifically in Nigeria for the improvement of their agricultural inputs. In fact, modern farming cannot perform well if the inputs of science and technology are not utilised.

Technology has solved the problem of hunting for grass to feed animals, now these feeds can be manufactured and consumed by animals and the price of these feed is fair so that a low-income farmer can afford them. Most of these manufactured animal feeds have extra nutrition which improve on the animal’s health and the output of these animals will also increase. In agriculture, the health of an animal will determine its output. Poorly feed animals are always unhealthy and they produce very little results in form of milk, or meat

Most genetically produced animals will produce more milk or fur compared to normal animals. This benefits the farmer because their production will be high.

The use of improved agricultural technology translates into higher household income, and potentially improved food entitlements and farmers’ health as well as nutritional status


As improved technology is made readily available and accessible to farmers’ at affordable price. More extension staff should be trained and deployed to the rural areas in order to increase information source and training on better utilization of improved cassava production technologies and farmers should avail themselves to available improved technologies to increase their production and welfare.


Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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