17 Apr 2018


Why is education needed? Why is it important? Education is generally understood as a form of learning whereby knowledge, skills and habits are etched out in the minds of an individual through instruction, training, sharing, and communicating. In a nut-shell education is usually understood as a transfer of information and knowledge from one individual to the other.

Education does form the essence of our actions in life. Education is not only the subjects we get in our academic syllabus. It is much more. In reality it means many essential things in life that include ethics, morality, values, principles, etiquette, responsibility, manners, behavior, relationship, respect and approbation. Education should be a means that will help each one of us answer queries and solve problems, help us set our goals in life, teach us how to deal with people, how to plan, how to handle pressure, how to achieve success handle failures and how to learn to accept things in life. Education is important because it helps shape our overall personality.

The effect of education in the area of leadership cannot be overemphasized. Majority of world leaders that are educated have exuded great intelligence when it comes to leadership, this has helped them to influence their followers in a positive way. Such leaders were able to make good decisions which were able to take their countries in the right direction towards success.

It is important for us to understand the importance of education that should be made available to both boys and girls. Ours is a country and society that still perceives women as less adequate than men. This is the setup that should be dismantled and done away with. A girl in a family has as much right as her brother to be given the minimum compulsory education due to all the children in the country. The society cannot exist only with men. The presence of women is of equal and significant importance.

Therefore, education must help us understand the profound extent of life. It must help us become individuals that can live a life free from any form of anxiety, discrimination and trepidation. Education must prepare us for life. Our existence on earth is an assemblage of people from all walks of life. Thus, we cannot simply limit our understanding of education only to formal academic education. We have to co-habit and understand the tenets and canons of a happy and peaceful co-existence. This should definitely come from a structured well thought out set-up of education but it must also come from an education that we derive from observation, experiences and influences in life. Education should generate the overall growth and development of an individual.

The essence of education is not what it has the potential to be right now. Education could be so much more. It could really help to change the lives of the children the go through it. Right now, in many ways, school is worse than prison. Everything starts with the education system because the more educated people we have thinking about the problems of the world, the higher the chance that someone will crack the case. We can make the education system what it should be, but we all have to do it together and we all have to be patient.

Our society provides all children ample opportunity for personal development. Given such opportunity, each individual is under a moral obligation to make the most of himself and his life. Basic schooling must facilitate this accomplishment. All the children will become when of age, full-fledged citizens with responsibilities. Basic schooling must do everything it can to make them good citizens, able to perform the duties of citizenship with all the trained intelligence that each is able to achieve.

When they grow up, all or certainly most of the children will engage in some form of work to earn a living. Basic schooling must prepare them for earning a living, but not by training them for this or that specific job while they are still in school.

We face many insistently urgent problems, unless we do something to rescue our schools from their current deplorable deterioration, we cannot prosper and to solve this problem, we need resourceful and innovative leadership. For that to arise and be effective, an educated populace is needed. Trained intelligence, not only on the part of leaders but also on the part of followers which holds the key to the solution of the problem our society faces.

Achieving peace, prosperity and plenty could put us on the threshold of an early paradise. But a much better education system than now exists also is needed, for that alone can carry us across the threshold. Without it, a poorly schooled population will not be able to put to good use the opportunities afforded by the achievement of the general welfare. Those who are not schooled to enjoy society can only despoil its institutions and corrupt themselves.



Article by: Blessing Bassey

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