13 Jan 2020


An examination may not naturally be the best in testing student IQ, Moral, Study performance but it is necessary and recommended for student Excellence, Promotion and Brain building after long academic teaching, lecture, tutoring and testing. The National examination board in Nigeria has come out to say that student performance in the National examination is dropping tremendously when compared to other countries outside Nigeria. The performance of students in the last WASSCE conducted in 2011 produced massive failure when the result was released online, the same goes with GCE. The NECO board has come out to say that about 90% of the students failed the 2011 NECO result released and the percentage in 2010 was about 78% to 84% failure.

The Registration Of Under Age Student In Exam

The National examinations conducted for senior school leavers are not meant for students below 18 years. About 48% of the students registered for WASSCE, GCE, NECO, NABTEB, and JAMB are mostly from 14–17 years. These underage students are not matured enough, both in stature, brain, and mode of assimilation, thinking, body build and in moral to face examinations such as WASSCE, NECO, GCE, NECO-GCE, NABTEB etc. As these students are registered, they produce a poor performance in results. The registration of underage students can not help matter; they would rather cause massive failure in National examination. If nothing is being done on this matter, the failure recorded would persist.

Examination Malpractices

Examination malpractices carried out in schools, colleges, exam centres, and universities and around the nation are big factors to be worried about. About 51% of private and public schools and colleges in the country are involved in such act from 2005 to 2011. The more students don’t read and they fail, they look for other alternatives. They smuggle in prepared answers, textbooks, micro-chips and also pay invigilators, teachers, supervisor’s money in the form of bribe. About 53% of the teachers, staff, students and principal of public and some private school and colleges are involved in such activities. There has been a loud cry by the government, minister of education, teachers, missionaries and other bodies on this matter. As these malpractices are ongoing, students are less prepared and massive failure increases.

Students’ factor and parental attitude According to the  Head of  National  Office, West  African  Examinations  Council  (WAEC),  the causes of massive failure in WAEC can be attributed to some candidates’  lack of knowledge of common pitfalls,  coupled with inadequate coverage of the syllabus and non-familiarity with  test format. Specifically speaking by the head of WAEC  National Office, the major issue is lack of strong reading spirit on candidates who prepare for the exam. Considerable research evidences abound to show that students are responsible for their poor academic performance.

Academic performance The essence of language in any human territory cannot be over-emphasized.  Language exists since man exists and certainly, it is for the benefit of man. This supports the view that a language is an indispensable tool for effective communication.  Language performs three basic functions of informing, expressing and directing. Again, reiterated that it is regarded as the vehicle of learning and proficiency in the language of instruction (English language) no doubt facilitates learning.


Nevertheless, the problem of poor performance in  West  African  School  Certificate  Examination in Nigeria has been a  concern for parent,  government, teachers and researchers alike  Apart from the fact that the mass failure of students in public examinations constitutes wastage on investment in secondary education,  it puts a  big question mark on the quality of secondary education in the country. Each time the results of students in Senior school Certificate Examination (SSCE) are released, it has been a tale of woes and national embarrassment.

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