19 Mar 2018


Following the mass failure of the 2018 WASSCE where 83% of the candidates failed. There is a need to ask ourselves “Why are students always failing WAEC?”, why the mass failure? What are the causes of the failure and what can be done to prevent them has always been the question on everyone’s lips. According to popular opinion, here are a few reasons why.


No one ever wants to say that this is the factor. While teachers should be respected, they should also be challenged to meet the needs of every student offering their courses. Bad teachers make bad students. Some lecturers are just out and out terrible. These set of teachers need to go back to school to begin learning from the scratch. Some teachers have taught their students errors and these students are suffering for it in their respective colleges and institutions. Some campus lecturers are rude, sadists and cruel to students and this has made the students to lose interest in their subjects.

The Examination Board and the Government

The government has been accused of drafting poor education policies and starving public education of funds. UNESCO’s recommendation of channeling at least 26 percent of the annual budget into the rehabilitation of public institutions is not being met, resulting in a lack of adequate infrastructure and an abundance of unenthusiastic, poorly educated teachers. In countries like Japan, teachers are the highest paid civil servants, paid about the same as engineers. According to the center for international education benchmarking Japan’s philosophy is, “high pay helps attract highly-qualified applicants, and highly-qualified applicants produce very accomplished students…” It’s no wonder why Japan boasts one of the world’s highest performing education systems.

The Students

Typically, students are the first to receive the blame for their poor performance in the exams. They are accused of being distracted by the internet, social media and television, all of which make them lack the motivation to study. Even during the time of examinations, one will still see students on social media like Facebook, Twitter instead of them facing their books, they keep searching There is also the issue of how to text message slang has affected the grammar of students, resulting in the poor command of the English language. spelling errors, misinterpretation of questions, illegible handwriting and poor interpretation of technical terms.

Most students don’t know how to read and the conditions that best suit their body system. It baffles me how students who haven’t read throughout the semester would want to cover every topic in just one-week prior exam. How will that sink in?

Mindset, many people don’t really know that the mindset is one of the reasons why students fail an exam. Everything in life lies in the mind. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right”. If you have the mindset that you will fail, no matter the effort you put into it, you will end up failing another big reason why students fail. “I will do it later! I will do it later!” You end up not doing it. “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.” Do that reading or assignment today; do not push it till the next day.

All these can be prevented if some measures can be taken on the student’s part, teacher, the society and the examination board. The first answer to avoid mass failure is the method of teaching which should be checked, students should have access to quality teaching and learning materials. Before employing a teacher, their ability to impact should be a top priority for the promotion of learning.

Likewise, access to social networks by students should be regulated by parents and minimised by students especially during examination period or when studying. In the national educational policy, the conducive environment should be made available for students to ensure conducive learning environment. There is also a need for our education system to be unique to us and not replicating or implementing a foreign system of education.



Article by: Busayo Tomoh


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