26 Mar 2018


The essence of language in any human territory cannot be over-emphasized. Language exists since man exists and certainly, it is for the benefit of man. This supports the view that a language is an indispensable tool for effective communication.

Language performs three basic functions of informing, expressing and directing. Again, reiterated that it is regarded as the vehicle of learning and proficiency in the language of instruction (English language) no doubt facilitates learning. also reiterated theirs believed in the above assertion about the English language. To them, students’ language proficiency and competency in the English language strongly influenced academic performance in science and technical education. strongly opined that students’ proficiency in General English is a virile factor to be considered for outstanding performance(s) in vocational education (Agricultural science education and Economics education).

Revealed that lack of proficiency in English language is one of the factors contributing to poor performance in Mathematics. In his research, he observed that the performance of students in Mathematics’ examination at Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) is poor but further stated that the performance in English is more than that of Mathematics and this he linked to poor reading ability. He then suggests that there is need to improve the teaching of English language to improve students’ performance in Mathematics. To this effect, good language competence in

English language may be a positive predictive validity variable on the performance of students on intelligence test. This, therefore, posted that where the proficiency in English language is low, students’ academic performance may also be low. It was on this note that while lamenting on the poor performance of students in West African Examination Council (WAEC) said that the matter is serious because of the influence

English has on all the other subjects of the curriculum which invariably pointed at the notion that students’ success in English language could influence the overall performance of students in other disciplines.


Nevertheless, the problem of poor performance in West African School Certificate Examination in Nigeria has been a concern for parent, government, teachers and researchers alike Apart from the fact that the mass failure of students in public examinations constitutes wastage on investment in secondary education, it puts a big question mark on the quality of secondary education in the country. Each time the results of students in Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) are released, it has been a tale of woes and a national embarrassment.

In view of this problem, the following recommendations are hereby suggested:

There should be a reformation of teacher training education in Nigeria. This is necessary to ensure priority is given to pedagogy study as it is done in

Finland where pedagogy is the core of teacher training.

There should be conferences, workshops, and seminars on teacher self-efficacy where experts will educate and enlighten teachers on the need for Government should improve teachers’ education by sending teachers to go for short-term training in a country like Finland where teachers are effectively

influencing students’ academic achievement positively.

The government should improve the working conditions of Nigerian teachers and make them comfortable and satisfied with the job.

The government should include youth in the governance of the nation to serve as motivation for youths in school and thereby know the value of education.

Parents should let the education of their children be number one in their agenda and be ready to give whatever it will take to give the best for it.

Parents should continuously monitor their children education by visiting their schools from time to time to know how they performed.




Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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