27 Mar 2018


Linton (1982) states that “the culture of a society is the manner of existence of its members, the gathering of thoughts and habits which they learn, and share cultures, thoughts and habits can most effective be transmitted from generation to generation through language. In Linguistics, each language is taken into consideration to symbolize the communicative desires of its human beings as such should no longer be made to go through any biases.

Pidgin isn’t always only a few ‘distorted’ or ‘bastardized’ form of language, as some would assume, and which perhaps makes them talk to it as damaged, however that Pidgin is a whole language in its own right.

Through the years, Nigerian Pidgin has extended, stabilized and likely creolized”. This might be because of the truth that, at times, “linguistic resources like borrowing and coinage are resorted to with a purpose to deal with every day emerging features and ideas”. as an example, the word solo (a coinage meaning ‘relax’) and there are numerous comparable others) “are brought by means of Nigerian youths on campuses as well as through hoodlums within the society to swell-up the lexical sign in of pidgin typologies”.

This can’t be said of Nigerian Pidgin – even though it is a language because numerous attempts were made by distinct factions to get rid of the use of Nigerian Pidgin English. These attempts have however been unsuccessful because of the huge price the language has to its customers. It is a language that has added human beings collectively despite their differences in ancestral lifestyle and language through developing a nearby way of life for itself which blends thoughts from exclusive cultures.

Impact Of Pidgin English In Nigeria

NP has come to be so huge in Nigeria that it’s miles nearly the mother tongue or Lingua Franca of some Nigerians significantly in the South-South geopolitical quarter. It has emerge as creolized and could be used orally as a medium of training inside the preliminary years of primary school if schooling is to be meaningful to our pidgin speaking kids.

The use of Pidgin as a lingua Franca impacts many Nigerians in educational careers, mainly, the ones college students that come from the environments where it is spoken.

It’s far a fact that scholars deviate from the norms of codified English in most of their essays and communications. The Nigerian pidgin which changed into what is used as a medium of communication by particular group of humans and for precise motive has gradually grown to be used in institutions of better mastering. In a study, Oken correctly proves the usefulness of NP in Rivers State where it became established that each male and girl population in the country use NP in communication. NP is used in the state more like their local language.

Some other stage at which Nigerian Pidgin registers its manner is the Nigerian song scene, particularly with the rising Naija popular culture.

Nigerian Pidgin is a predominant language of expression and a shape of team spirit or mark of identification a few of the diverse multi-ethnic organizations of younger folks who crave to create powerful urban subculture in their respective locations. It’s also mentioned as an impressive stride within the exercise of Nigerian and African socio-cultural identification.



Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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