22 Sep 2018


Everyone loves innovation and Microsoft have been one of the popular most talked off software. today, the company is making the most visionary computers in the industry, if not the best machines. Perhaps no technology company outside of IBM has been able to keep on top of the industry as much as Microsoft so Bill Gates & Co. have achieved this success during times of incredible technological transformation.

Microsoft word is an important education application. Microsoft has re-engineered itself in multiple ways to ensure that as old as Windows and Office becomes part of technology’s future rather than remain in the past. It is important to process raw facts into meaningful information. Microsoft word can benefits teachers and students to create new innovative methods of learning and teaching. Microsoft word and Microsoft office suite for students help to transmit educational materials and practice systematically in school and university faster with higher quality.

Critics often argue that Microsoft can’t innovate its way therefore has used its monopoly position to stamp out competition and force an industry to bend to its standards. A key trait of today’s Microsoft is its willingness to design its own hardware to show off what its software can do. Microsoft’s products and services cover the spectrum in tech, and the rapid pace of the operation is impressive.

Part of its goal in building hardware is to inspire and guide companies’ designs. Meanwhile, a new Microsoft is responding to feedback from users of its products in a most impressive way. Immediately after the release of Windows 8, users responded with criticism over the loss of the famous start menu.

Although, the Microsoft Office suite has been at the forefront of modern business for decades, this year Microsoft release their biggest and most complete Office 2016 – the latest addition to Office 365 – a subscription service that helps people do their best work, together. The new and improved Office suite aims to empower you to work smarter, better and faster, to focus on progress, not process – and takes the work out of working together.

However, Microsoft has been an integral part of social change and world affairs. Microsoft in Education is still the dominant force in school systems around the world. Tutors can use Microsoft word templates to teach complex fundamental into simple methods. Microsoft’s position of global influence gives its leadership a voice on matters of moral consequence and humanitarian concern.

If they learn and use Microsoft word in school or practice on various documents writing methods then in future they don’t need to spend money on computer courses so because of that government of countries are branding IT education in schools for students.

The importance of Microsoft Word in Education:-

  • When you type on wrong spelling on Microsoft Word it highlights your mistake in the red line in real time. Students observe spelling mistake in real time, right click and correct it.
  • Students and teachers can insert and use diagrams, table, chart, and smart art etc. visual explanation tools. They can use it to teach, define, and explain complex lessons in simple methods. Chart, table, smart art and shapes and various other visual objects can benefit students to understand more about the topic practically.
  • Microsoft word application is not only accessible to school and college computers. But you can access this application at home. The benefit will generate for students and teachers that teacher can connect with students. They can collaborate on the same documents. I mean Microsoft word is now a cloud-based application that you can use anywhere and work with your team.

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