24 Jan 2018


We all want our learners to retain knowledge imparted during lessons and training programs for long and apply it effectively in the workplace, school, and daily lives. Don’t we? But because of the hefty materials and modules, learners may not want to go through the materials especially in the workplace. You can imagine a newly employed front desk of a pharmaceutical company who needs to explain the importance of a drug to a customer and then starts opening the manual one after the other and still couldn’t get the usage and benefit of the drug, how will she look? And mostly after work, we do not carry our laptops all we pick is our phones to check online and if we are going to learn anything whatsoever, we prefer short and interesting ones.

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a bite-sized, cheaper and efficient means of learning to fulfill learner’s desire. Its content is normally not more than 10 minutes. Lessons on micro learning are always very small but with relevant information.

Fitting Microlearning Into Your Lesson.

We love to learn in brief and to go through the remaining content later, therefore, it won’t be a bad idea integrating microlearning into your lessons.

Instead of hefty materials, convert your learning into short, interactive lessons of the most important part of the content. Make your lessons concise without losing the point.

You can also create well-arranged interactive videos that can function as a whole complete unit. This way, learners or your employees can access them online through their mobile devices in their free time. Your videos can also include quizzes, just to be sure they understand the lesson.

You can also get a micro assessment to check your progress with gamification engine that increases our engagement and multimedia for rich learning.

Benefits of Microlearning.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of microlearning, then you can decide if it’s what you need.

Because the use of digital technology has made it possible to deliver lessons in a bite-sized way, it is easy to divide your contents into parts, easy to understand and easy to read way. Microlearning helps to make learning for students easier and interesting. If microlearning is in place in your organization or school, staffs and learners can easily access topics of interest and achieve learning goals within minutes.

It helps learners close learning gaps in time, learners can utilize their time effectively, for example, an employee that went on leave can easily pick up their courses from where they left.

It is an instant knowledge booster because you get your information exactly how you need. You can relate microlearning strategy with an individual’s general internet-based learning habits.

The short duration of content allows learners focus more on the content effectively and improves their engagement.

To best integrate microlearning, make sure your lessons, modules, are easily accessible with excellent tags that learners can use to find what they need. Because there is a level at which brains can process information which is limited, it is more efficient to integrate microlearning into your lessons delivery than handling heavy learning/training materials. With microlearning, required information can be accessed at the moment of need and if the manual the front desk used were to be micro, checking answers and responding confidently would have been her option.


Written by Busayo Tomoh

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