13 Jun 2019


Organizational performance and its growth depend upon the skills and knowledge of the employees which considered as the assets of the firm. The knowledge, development, abilities and skills are the dimensions of the process of training and development. However, the results of training impart major contribution in the better performance therefore, considered at strategic level in the organizations.

The performance of the organization refers to those attitudes’ that have been assessed or measured as to their contribution to organizational goals (Cook and Hunsaker, 2001). The behavior or attitude indicated the approach and skills of the management specially line management that helps them to use the resources’ successfully and professionally with competency. However this competency is enhanced with the help of training and development.

Training has the distinct role in the achievement of an organizational goal by incorporating the interests of organization and the workforce (Stone R J. Human Resource Management, 2002). Now a days training is the most important factor in the business world because training increases the efficiency and the effectiveness of both employees and the organization. The employee performance depends on various factors. But the most important factor of employee performance is training.Training is important to enhance the capabilities of employees. The employees who have more on the job experience have better performance because there is an increase in the both skills & competencies because of more on the job experience.

Training also has impact on the return on investment. The organizational performance depends on the employee performance because human resource capital of organization plays an important role in the growth and the organizational performance. So to improve the organizational performance and the employee performance, traning is given to the employee of the organization.

It is very necessary for the organization to design the training very carefully. The design of the training should be according to the needs of the employees. Those organizations which develop a good training design according to the need of the employees as well as to the organization always get good results. It seems that Training design plays a very vital role in the employee as well as organizational performance. a bad training design is nothing but the loss of time and money.

On the job training helps employees to get the knowledge of their job in a better way. People learn from their practical experience much better as compare to bookish knowledge. On the job training reduces cost and saves time. It is better for the organizations to give their employees on the job training because it is cost effective and time saving (Ruth Taylor e t al . , 2004). It is good for organization to give their employees on the job training so that their employees learnt in a practical way.

The learning organization in the developed countries considered as corporate universities having best learning practices. The environment of such organizations made the learning culture and improves the performance of the employees. In Pakistan, the oil and gas sector also giving attention towards promoting learning culture in the organizations. Line Managers are accounted for making reports, so their involvement in the strategic T&D is very helpful as the study results indicated.

The improvement in the workforce skills for the benefit of organizational performance contains outmost importance. The focus of the program is to develop the career and job skills in the line management which must be relevant with the objectives of the firm. It is the need of the time to enhance and sharpen the skills of the human capital in the organizations. Employees grooming is considered as the social as well as moral obligation for the organizations. The skilled employees increase the performance and helped to attain the goal. In the global world, the fierce competition encourages the firms to adopt the strategic approaches of T&D to augment the firm’s performance.

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