11 Feb 2020


Nigerian Senior School Certificate Examinations that are otherwise known as SSCE/WAEC are examinations taken by students across the country at the end of secondary school. Nigerian SSCE / WASSCE / WAEC is very important to the academic journey of students, hence the need for each student to have a clear understanding of the journey and how it is carried out. We will talk you through the process of how to purchase the WAEC scratch card for the 2020 session for all parents, guardians, and candidates asking for guidance on how to buy WASSCE / WAEC scratch cards.

An e-PIN allows students preparing for WAEC to access service that allows direct access through our channel that may not be available everywhere, WAEC access cards are sold directly from our headquarters and annex offices. We also have approved locations where candidates can purchase the cards. When you visit our office or a designated retailer, however, expect to pay a little more because you can use the e-PIN access card to check WAEC past questions and answers packaged by our team of experts. Visit this link: www.elearn.lifelearners.ng

When you lose this e-PIN, you’ll need to buy a new e-PIN. If you use the e-PIN in error to check the results of another nominee, you’ll need to buy a new one.

Advantages Of Buying It From Us to get access to thousands of WAEC past questions and answers. Here is a sample as seen below;

There are many advantages of buying the questions and answer checking WAEC scratch cards from our office and here are some reasons why you should purchase this card from us.

1. The main reason for this is that we are professional and efficient.
2. We work hand in hand with the WAEC to help students get a better result.
3. We deliver your scratch card on time, at most 30 minutes after payment confirmation.
4. One of the most important reasons to buy from us is that you don’t need to travel distances in search of a WAEC office or outlet, just pay to us and immediately receive your PIN and serial number via SMS (Text Message) or by hand.
5. Even if you buy from us or not, we’ll help you to free online check of your WAEC, UTME questions and answers.

6. We are getting the best deal.

How To Purchase WAEC Scratch Card Online

Step 1: Visit: www.elearn.lifelearners.ng

Note that these exams are given not only to students at school but also to candidates who are out of school for reasons of this kind. (SSCE/WASSCE)
WAEC conducts two exams in Nigeria, namely; 1. West Africa Senior School Certificate exams are often shortened as WASSCE for school candidates and it is currently being carried out for students in the last Senior Secondary School (SS3) batch. 2. West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination for Private Candidates or WASSCE for Private Candidates as is commonly called. It is being done for students not already in the school system.
WASSCE is held once a year between the months of May and June for school candidates. Candidates are required to prepare well and register with their school before the time of the test.

The exams are carried out throughout the country in specified centers approved by the government-mostly all government secondary schools and some selected private schools.
On the other hand, WASSCE has performed twice a year for private members-the first series and the second series. The first series will take place in January / February and the second series will take place in August / September. This private test is often referred to as General Certificate Exams (GCE), and anyone interested may register to write it-unlike the school candidates, this has no limitation on who is to write the exams.

Candidates are considered successful only if they have at least five (5) credits and must include English Language and Mathematics in those five credits.

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