23 Mar 2018


The viable use of technology gives the capacity to move, get ready, and enhance student’s learning of any age. The absolute most fundamental day by day lesson can turn out to be considerably more intense and boring to a student especially by the way the lesson is taught. Technology innovations changes a student’s perspective and expands their inspiration. In spite of the fact that there are numerous finances issues, and teaching obstacles to conquer, using technology as a part of training produces positive and significant outcomes.

Test Scores Improve

Students with access to computers are able to utilize programs and technology resources to make a difference in their personal goals and test scores. Teachers can pinpoint, through the use of testing software, areas of strengths and weaknesses for each student. Teachers can also obtain data and feedback on specific lessons and activities needed to improve individual learning. Research shows that schools who do not reach the AYP requirements are behind in technological advances and usage within their district. Those who have access to technology are motivated and engaged in daily lesson performance, thus decreasing student dropout and failure. A study done in Missouri showed that fourth graders improved consistently on their the MAP results when their classrooms were equipped with technology, basic productivity software, and high-speed internet connections.(Bickford, 2005)

Technology Prepares Students for Real Word Life Skills

In the 21st century, students needs long lasting learning abilities and arrangement for the future which can be relied upon to give these aptitudes on what to do and where they can actually stand up to defend their certificate. The use of technology by students and educators gives more community oriented working time and critical thinking, something that will profit them in all parts of life. Students prepared to use learning and web interchanges to exchange with schools everywhere throughout the world pick up a wide assortment of viewpoints. Students hold and comprehend lessons when data is applicable and significant to what they are familiar with. A hands-on technique for using technology to learn gives students a more critical and certifiable application to their curriculum.

Technology Prepares Students for the Workforce

In today’s global economy students must have access to the most relevant computer resources available in order to be a competitive member of the world’s workforce. The technology-based curriculum prepares students to enter colleges and universities and to be productive members of the workforce environment. Career Pathway districts integrated technology with learning and career exploration. High school students reported a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work and felt they possessed the appropriate tools and methods needed to enter today’s careers. Teachers and administrators felt they were a positive element of this process and were motivated to continue improving their instructional practices. Student’s grade point averages were higher and graduation statistics rose, with technology trained students expressing more confidence in their future. (Career Pathways in Michigan Schools, 2002)

In order for our future generation to be educated and prepared for today’s workforce environment, it is imperative to incorporate technology into all facets of our curriculum. Today’s society places high demands on the use of computers, multimedia and appropriate technological problem-solving in order to be successful in the 21st Century. It is imperative that teachers and students be technologically literate in this generation. To accomplish this, technology must be a part of a student’s everyday learning. This enables all types of knowledge including, visual, auditory, kinesthetic and critical thinking. Student learning and achievement has a more direct positive result when technology is used on a regular basis. The ISTE mandates many standards for both students and teachers to ensure the proper learning environment for our students. Their focus is not only on the use of technology but rather on the endless possibilities of the learning journey when technology is used correctly. “Taking the journey is critical in preparing students to live, learn, and work in a technology-rich world. “ (ISTE,2010) Let’s prepare our students today for this lifelong journey ahead.





Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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