08 Aug 2018


Do you attach much importance to your dress sense? What better way does watch style suit you? Do you opt for a tech watch over an analog? If a watch can save you time, keep you connected and potentially give you valuable insights and data whenever you need it more, then why go for other tech device?

Historically, watches were worn as decorative pendants or carried in the pocket, now they are branded accessories most frequently worn on the wrist and now with the present rise of phone technology, digital wrist watches can perform the same tasks you do daily on your phone, such a nice and exciting experience to explore.

The digital watch displays the time digitally (in numbers or other symbols) where as an analog watch will show the time via rotating hands. Notice how men wear tech watch, that is because they serves multiple purposes through technology as the features allows them to save time and stay connected. As technology advances so are the watches, tech watch style is something to pay close attention in the nearest future and consider its dependent to obey certain rules and be up-to-date.

The purpose of a technical watch sometimes is hard to master, the balance between wearing a watch that looks good, but also wearing a watch that’s technical, digital watch is fast, for every lifestyle and look, from the outdoor enthusiast to the corporate professional, with an equally inclusive budget range, shaping up to be the accessory of the future, like other technological discoveries.

Recently, lots of brands are fusing technical elements with style in fashion so there’s no excuse to wear an ugly watch, like the technical watch that suggest focusing on the function rather than the appearance, a technical watch that balances style with function but just because you need to wear a watch to serve a particular purpose doesn’t mean you have to abuse how you wear it. Like the invention of the mobile phone and the BlackBerry, the biggest news in watches has been about multi-functional, boundary-breaking smartwatches—the kind that can answer a text, wake you up, or send your heartbeat to your lover—to the point where you almost forget their basic function: telling time  combines that retro technology with the sleek, simplified look women are drawn to now.



Article by Blessing Bassey

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