25 Sep 2019


The marriage between computer science and electrical engineering is computer engineering. It focuses on all types of computing, from microprocessors to embedded computing devices to laptop and desktop to supercomputers. As such, it concerns the factors of electrical engineering as to how microprocessors work, are intended and optimized; how information is transmitted between electronic components; how embedded electronic component systems are intended and how they work to process software expressed commands; and how software is written, compiled and optimized for particular hardware platforms. Computer engineers are therefore electrical engineers who specialize in designing software, designing hardware, or designing systems that integrate both.

The Theoretical: Computer Science

Computer science is concerned mainly with computer theory, namely the languages of architecture, information, algorithms, and programming that constitute the software running on a computer. Computer scientists focus on things like code, algorithms, artificial intelligence, design of databases, and design of the software. In order to describe this extremely diverse field, a computer scientist will code the directions, protocols, and operating systems that operate on top of the hardware.

The Practical: Computer Engineering

Computer engineering requires that theory into account and applies to actual life. Computer science is essentially placed into practice, married to the field of electrical engineering. If computer science occurs in code, computer engineering often occurs in the laboratory in the abstract. The design and prototyping of the small circuits and processing units connecting the hardware parts of the computer with the software it is operating whether embedded systems, microprocessors, networked IoT devices or anything “intelligent” are implementations. A computer engineer will focus on how to map and operate on the machine the software developed by a computer scientist. They’ll touch many different components: electrical engineering, hardware design, software design, and how each of these interoperates with the others.

Common Subjects Covered

  • Computer Architecture and Organisation– It is the study of the computers ‘ inner operating mechanism as well as the complete computer system implementation. It can also be called learning how to build a computer’s internal framework.
  • Compiler design- This enables learners to learn about the significance of a compiler and helps design the same to detect and rectify the mistake in the computer system as well.
  • Computer networks- This research focuses on how the networking world operates and how it helps to store information in different sections. It is one of the most important research subjects and is made up of both theoretical and practical methods.
  • Data structure and algorithm- This is a computer structural research and it includes a unique format used to organize and store information. It enables learners to learn how the data is to be structured and designed in order to solve a specific issue.
  • Distributing computing systems- This is one of the main computer engineering ideas in the globe and it relates to countless computer systems that work in sync with the assistance of networking on a single platform.
  • Software testing- This is a survey of a procedure used to calculate the functionality of any software application to check whether or not the software is able to meet the particular demands and if not what the defects the route to be rectified in order to enhance the quality of the software.

Reasons to Study Computer Science Engineering

  1. The digital age needs computer scientists

You live in it, like it or not, this is the Digital Age. Computer programs have infiltrated all but every aspect of our life. Computer scientists are theorizing, designing, developing and applying the software and hardware for the programs that we use day by day.

  1. Computer scientists are needed in every type of industry

Every sector utilizes pcs so computer scientists can operate in any one of them naturally. Computers can solve problems in science, engineering, health care, and so many other fields. It is up to the computer scientist to find out how to apply the solution and design the software.

  1. Computer science students have excellent graduate prospects 

Students in computer science are quite likely to be employed professionally or in further research within six months of leaving university.

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