25 Feb 2020


Find interest in exploring this area, and find building a career in the same field easy. Hence, with school / college students recognizing their power, weakness and at the same time working on their strength and area of interest to do wonders in the future, advice and therapy in the current trend are very much needed. A computer can be identified or represented as a machine or system that can work with information such as storage, retrieval, manipulation and processing of data. The term computer is derived from the word “computare” which is a Latin word and has been used for calculation, so it can be interpreted more specifically as a programmable machine used in some numerical calculations. Thanks to the new upgrade and enhancement of technologies, modern computers are incredibly advanced. They can store huge amounts of data in both internal and external sources. Computer hard disk is the primary source of data storage. These days their speed has dramatically increased the work or work that used to take long hours to do can be done in just a few seconds this is due to the heavy development in the IT sector particularly in computer hardware peripherals and devices that are so advanced that it is difficult to believe. Computer performance depends mainly and predominantly on factors such as What kind of motherboard you are using, Cpu speed and RAM [ Random Access Memory ].

Motherboard: Computer motherboard is designed on a piece of PCB called Printed circuit board where all other components such as hard disk, processor, ram, etc. are attached to it.

Processor: Processor is again called as a CPU which stands for central processing unit. It is also called a computer system heart.

RAM: RAM stands for the temporary storage medium Random Access Memory and it’s volatile memory. When power is off they tend to lose data. However, computer velocity also depends on ram. You can add more ram capacity to increase your machine speed, but first you need to test motherboard and other part or system compatibility factors.

Hard Disk: This is a computer’s permanent storage unit that can hold high volume data, and you can get it wherever and whenever you need it. We are available in huge data storage capacities on the market. Computer system mainly has four common functions: Input, Output, Processing, Storage.

Input: The machine collects its data in the form of raw data from input devices and consequently, this data is processed in human readable form using other PC devices.

Computer system’s main input tools are: keyboard, mouse, scanner, trackball, light-pen, joystick.

Output: Software output devices accept system data and process data in a human-readable manner.
Some Common Input tools include: Printer, Camera, Speaker, Headphone, Projector.
Processing: This is the core function of modern PC when retrieving the data from the memory that it collects for further processing.
Storage: PC storage units are mainly two which are: primary and secondary storage.
Primary Storage: The primary computer storage unit is the Random Access Memory[ RAM].
Secondary Storage: The secondary storage unit is called Hard Disk Drives and Pen Drives.

Different Types Of Computers

The overall development of computer and computer generations has reached new heights due to vast improvement in modern technology, computer fundamentals have changed rapidly. They are categorized into four different types according to their speed, size, capabilities and cost.

Super, Mainframe, Mini, Micro Computers.

Super: Compared to all others they are the fastest and the most powerful. Their installation requires huge space.
Mainframe: They aren’t as fast as supercomputers, and they require huge installation space plus they’re very costly.
Mini: Compared with super and mainframe computers they are smaller, cheaper and slower.
Micro: Their name is Personal Computer[ PC]

Advantages of computer system

Nowadays they play a vital role in the development of human society they make workload as efficient and quick as you wouldn’t have imagined before. If you ask me what is the fundamental advantage of computers. I’m going to say that their role in studying students can literally learn anything from science to philosophy.

Use modern computers in studying has changed the style and learning methods of students who don’t want to waste their time in looking for good coaching classes in their city they choose to study online where they can get quality education with online certificates and even degrees with video tutorials and standard and authenticate study materials all over the world while sitting at home.
Education online, industry, pace, accuracy, online training, military, study, etc.

Disadvantages of computer system

Given the numerous advantages of using modern day PC, there are disadvantages to this.
Pronography, spread Hate & violence related articles, Cybercrimes, Negative Health effect, etc.

Computer software and Hardware PC software can be described as a collection of programming codes that are programmed to accomplish specific tasks that are given to them. These types of software are developed by computer programmers or software developers who take care of users  needs and what type of operation they need to perform in order to derive a particular or special result. There are primarily two software types: System Software Application Software System Technology: These are the management that communicates directly with the PC. Operating system and device drivers are the prime example.

Application software: These are also referred to as personalized software designed for personal use or built for customers to perform specific tasks.
Example: Ms-office, Tally, ERP software.

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