14 Dec 2017

Can Classroom Learning Withstand the New Trends of eLearning?

Looking at the future: Can Classroom Learning Withstand the New Trends of eLearning?

Nowadays, some organizations request for specialized training certification asides degree certificate in Nigeria. The rate employees run online to acquire these certificates is alarming. While the courses are taught in classrooms, most people take it online because it saves time and cost. This has left me wondering where classroom learning stand in the nearest future.

Classroom learning is taking new turns daily, even though online resources like video clips and graphics are employed to improve teaching methods, these teaching aids are clearly not enough. New eLearning trends emerge daily, some of the new trends include; Gamification, Mobile Learning, Massive Open Online Courses(MOOC) and Micro Learning.

  • Gamification: Gaming and learning take place at the same time which improve innovation of learners.
  • Mobile Learning courses are made into downloadable apps on devices to help children become tech savvy.
  • There are also Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) which students from different countries can take anywhere in the world with online videos of life lecturers.
  • Micro Learning, limits educational contents to a page or 5-10 minutes videos content.

Future of Classroom Learning

It is undeniable that eLearning has come to stay, as people have embraced it with open arms. It has overthrown classroom learning completely. With these trends, students may join different platforms of learning either from their homes or offices. However, the need for “Classrooms” may cease to arise.

As a result, teachers may decide to become instructors or design contents that will be learnt on eLearning platforms and may not be at the forefront of learning activity.


Written by Busayo Tomoh

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