02 Mar 2018


These days, you can do just about everything online.  While most are aimed at making us more productive, many cause us to just waste time.

It’s hard to unplug from the “world” that lives on the internet through our computers.  As a culture, we are always fearful of missing out if we unplug.  What if we miss something that’s posted online? You feel anxious if you don’t have your phone with you, and even when you are not online.  Most fail to realize, but we have become addicted to certain websites and activities online.

Technology is pretty awesome, when put to good use, it can really maximize our efficiency. But can also distract us from the people we love. The temptation to open a new tab and passively browse the Internet draws us away from work we truly care about and limit productivity.

The “why think, when you could Google” mind-set, using maps application instead of memory has caused people to miss out on the landmarks that make a place special, and has put into dormancy our great sense of direction. Watching streaming television before bed cuts into our precious hours of shuteye and decreases the quality of our sleep.

So, it will be great to break these bad habits of frequently checking our phones without any real need, using phones while walking to the office, on the street, in the middle of dinner with co-workers or dates, or while waiting for something; but why?

There are several triggers contributing to these mindless bad habits. For instance, when the phone sits right in the pocket, as a person, we feel it at all times. Sometimes when phones are left on the desk in the office we get attached to it because we are able to see it at all times.

How to Help Yourself

Charge your phone in a different room at night. This will prevent waking up, rolling over, clearing notifications, and then snooze routine. Charging elsewhere helps avoid stress right before bed and distractions first thing in the morning.

Sign out of Facebook and Twitter apps on your phone. The friction of having to sign in makes the 1-2-minute rush to social media harder to indulge.

Lock your phone / change your auto-lock to 1 minute. Locking your phone and letting the screen go black will make it easier to ignore than a bright screen with shiny app icons.

If you can’t depend on your own power, there are apps that can also help for that. If you do need a break from social media, you can use an app to block certain websites for hours or even a day and you can get the one suitable for your device.

Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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