14 Aug 2018


The path to college graduation is more uncertain than ever and between six years is required to complete basic studies in school. Although choosing to go to school is a major life decision so it is better to consider how best to be successful that later in life you will have had a whole career to reflect back on the decisions you made in school, both good and bad.

Exams are the way to test our knowledge. Without conducting exams and test students don’t concentrate in their studies and learn their lessons properly might result in failure. Exams are necessary in schools and colleges to find out the real skills, talents and knowledge of the students. All students study properly to get good marks in test and exams, each and every student is interested in getting good marks in the exam and study hard to achieve it, without exam there is no chance to express about our knowledge, skills as well as our studying activity.

Doing your best work requires that you are passionate about what you are doing. Graduate school is an investment of up to a seven-year commitment, a significant part of life so use the time wisely. Research is equally useful, very different from simply taking courses, need to be taken advantage of, reevaluate your career decisions because it is very relevant. Graduating from a four-year college in four years may sound like a fairly straightforward venture, but only very few percentage of students manage to do it and it was estimated that many of those who finish in five or six years have either unnecessarily drained their parents’ bank accounts or end up in a lot more debt.

Some students never really feel part of a college or school community due to social isolation and depression which can affect academic progress, especially for students living away from home, studies have found that students who don’t become involved in campus life, whether through friendship networks, clubs or sports, are more likely to drop out. Sometimes students worry that committing to activities outside of classes gets in the way of doing well academically, but often it’s the opposite.

Exams is a true test of one’s ability and most  students are no longer serious with their studies because they believe solely in indulging in examination malpractice which to them is a short cut to success. Students need to believe in handwork and there’s no doubt that engaging in courses online and doing some research work might go a long way because learner can grab attention from what benefits them online or what they see that attracts them. One of the ways to build an immersive learning experience, is by introducing interactive elements as a strategy for designing courses and good moral values and instructions should be properly inculcated into our youths and parents should be counselled to help their children succeed.


Article by Blessing Bassey

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