10 Feb 2018


A lot of changes has come to the way artists work on their works and this can be seen from the look of their works, gone are the days of using brushes, watercolor, etc. though, some of these equipment are still mixed with the modern ones.

Impact of Technology on Art.

Modern technology is having a huge impact on recent art. Modern artists are using new materials and techniques to produce their artworks. Whereas in the past, painting and drawing were the main mediums artists used in their work, with technology, sound, video and computers are becoming more widely used and popular.

Computer programs such as Photoshop, Paint, Corel draw allow artists to easily manipulate pictures using tools which can create the effects in a few minutes of what previously would have taken months to paint. Many artists today are involved in using digital art technology to produce websites, computer games and even online art exhibitions. A popular website is the conceptart.org website which most artists use to display digital art. The impact that these technologies have on contemporary art is sometimes hard to pin down at one time since they are moving so fast that they are constantly changing and being updated. However, while modern technology provides artists with many opportunities and ways to produce art, it still functions similar to any other artists’ tool of the past.

Examples of Modern Digital Arts

Source: AJ FRENA


Source: Ricardo ow

Artists are effectively using these technologies in their works, and will almost certainly continue to do so in the future.

Computers can today perform many functions for the artist, from creating artworks through altering photography or by flipping shapes, changing colors, adding tones and a seemingly infinite amount of other uses. Computer artists can create interactive images, robot installations, digitalized and/or 3 dimensional images. Many of the ways which this latest technology is used to create art makes art into a genre becoming close to being a video game or a movie. For if it is only the craftsmanship which makes a work of art then computers can surely produce artworks since they have the ability to work faster than humans in many ways. Paint and brushes can be regarded as technology of sorts because they are implements which are made for the artist to use in his painting, just as a painting computer program is there for an artist to create his works on. The computer can be regarded as assistant which allows the artist greater time to put into creative ideas, and less into repetitive tasks which can easily handled by a computer.

Article by: Busayo Tomoh

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